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Our Shoreview Chiropractor, Dr. Thatcher Recommends Nutritional Options to Change Your Health

I strongly recommend we all take a multiple nutritional supplement per day. Experts vary in their recommendation, however, all agree something in the area of 7 servings of vegetables and fruits is needed. Further, research has firmly found that nutrition sourced from REAL FOOD provides the important LIVE enzymes and NUTRIENTS key to our health. Lab made capsules and pills, sometimes called “plastic food,” fall short of the goal of proper nutrition.

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Juice Plus is Great for General Health Maintenance 

Accordingly, after much research and study of the market place I am proud to be associated with JUICE PLUS+. A company dedicated to bringing great nutrition to the public. Pause on the website provided with the link below and read the research on Juice Plus. These studies were done by of the most prestigious institutions in the World. Think of Juice Plus+ as a safe and scientific approach to supply the basic multiple nutrients to you and your family. There is a wonderful program where your children can get FREE Juice Plus in the JP Children’s’ Study. You will be amazed at the findings the investigators already found in children’s’ health profiles. Remarkable health savings just based on the best nutrition! Juice Plus+ is whole food! 17 fruits and vegetables in capsule form.

Frequently in life, especially for the over fifty folks, there are often are special health needs. Maybe it is a circulatory issue, a joint need, elimination complaints or inflammatory symptoms. Then we correctly reach out to supplement our daily lives to better our health. Accordingly, we have partnered with a wonderful company that has first class products at very affordable prices. Importantly, our partnering allows our patients a minimum shipping charge and a modest discount for our patient family. Simply fill out the brief questionnaire, only a few questions for each body system, and your answers will direct you to the best health booster. Simply order on line — follow the prompts and your “special help” will be delivered to your door!

 For more information on why Juice Plus capsules can change your health Click here

Be sure to look at the studies done at very prestigious institutions of higher learning. 


Chiropractor's Blend is an Additional Source for Your Nutritional Needs

Another Excellent Nutritional Resource

Instructions for Ordering Products from Chiropractor's Blend 

  1. Click into ordering form for Chiropractors Blend 
  2. When ordering through the clinic website - patients will recieve a 5% discount on the products ordred - and will also pay only a $4.95 shipping and handling charge (versus their standard fee of $8)
  3. Patients MUST enter: rthatcher01 when checking out to be eligible for the discounts
  4. Products will be shipped directly to you at the address you specify when you place the order

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